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Work With Us!

You’re fabulous! You’re enthusiastic about our profession! You’re an RMT in good standing with the CMTO. You’re self-motivated and want to continue to learn and develop your practice. Most importantly, you love what you do!

But lately, you’ve been giving some thought to change.

You’d like to work in a different space…maybe somewhere that is RMT owned and operated because they understand your professional needs. Somewhere that offers a supportive and healthy environment to work in, so that you can provide a nurturing experience for your clients. Maybe a clinic that located in a convenient central Ottawa location.

You’d love to offer your clients a clinic experience that is close to downtown without the congestion, traffic jams and daily parking challenges – and costs! Ample free parking appeals to your clients and to you…!

You dream of a clinic that offers a collaborative, environment, fair and competitive commission split, spacious, well equipped treatment rooms, online booking, electronic documents for clients, iPads for each treatment room, music, linen service, and flexible hours.

You want to be more involved in marketing, growing and developing your practice and your client base. You want to feel like your input in the direction and management of the clinic is welcomed and appreciated.

We hear you! That sounds like an amazing place to work! We know – because that’s where we work right now! Our team includes RMT’s, physiotherapy and psychotherapy! We’re a busy clinic that is continuing to grow.

If this is the type of environment you’ve been looking for, we’d love to apply for the job! We’d be happy to have you interview us! Just contact and we’d love to show you around and introduce our team to you!

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